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Scotland Malts

Scotland Malts is a startup that sells limited batches of exclusive whisky. The rich photography of Dripta Roy coupled with the minimal and sleek interface conveys a sense of tradition and quality in a fresh and modern aesthetic.

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Life Supply

Life Supply is an online retailer of canned food and survival gear. The design of the website focuses on clear presentation of the products and simplicity of the webshop. External Link  

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Eminent has been an established name in the field of electric organs since 1960. However, having come across hard times in the late 1990’s, they decided to revitalize the brand. Part of that mission was creating a new and modern website.

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Faute de Mieux

Faute de Mieux is an experiment in the portrayal of philosophical ideas. Two concepts are illustrated in this simple interactive flash project. Collaborators Marijke Moolenaar

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