Data graphic illustrating quantization problems and dither.

This data graphic was created to illustrate the effects of quantization errors and the use of dither in digital audio recordings. Dither is a key concept in analoge to digital conversion of audio, and it is a concept that many people struggle to understand. The idea of adding noise to an audio signal to improve it is counterintuitive to begin with, and the graphics that are often used to accompany texts provide little clarity. In these redesigned graphics I focused on showing the viewer what quantization errors and the use of dither sound like.

The upper graphics of each pair are similar to graphics often found in text books. I did however add a few extra examples to highlight the effects of decreasing the recordable dynamic range, or not making full use of the available dynamic range. The lower greyscale graphics are used to help visualize the sound that the upper graphics would produce. I designed this mainly to help clarify figure 5, where dither is used, and I believe that the pairing of these two visualizations helps to clarify what is going on without dumbing them down or loosing precision.



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